Generating and delivery of OSS declaration

For exporters and importers for submission OSS declaration


The preparation and submission of the OSS (One-Stop-Shop) declaration refer to the process of filing a tax declaration for the supply of goods and provision of services within the European Union. The OSS system is implemented under regulations related to cross-border taxation within the EU, aiming to facilitate tax settlements for businesses engaging in transactions with various member countries. Below are the general steps associated with this process.

Definition of transaction scope

Before preparing the OSS declaration, the business must accurately define the scope of its transactions, including both the supply of goods and provision of services.

Registration in the OSS system

A business wishing to utilize the OSS system must register in the relevant EU member country as a VAT taxpayer. In some cases, this may involve registration through a specialized online portal.

Preparation of the OSS declaration

The business must prepare an OSS declaration, providing detailed descriptions of its transactions, VAT amounts, and other relevant information.

Completion of relevant declaration fields:

The OSS declaration includes various fields where the business must input information regarding its activities, transaction types, VAT amounts, etc. Completing these fields is crucial for the accuracy of the declaration.

Submission of the OSS declaration

The completed OSS declaration must be submitted to the appropriate tax authorities in the country where the business is registered in the OSS system. Submission can often be done electronically through an online platform.

Payment of the VAT

Based on the submitted OSS declaration, the business is required to settle the corresponding VAT amount within the specified timeframe.

The implementation of the OSS system aims to simplify the tax settlement process for businesses involved in cross-border transactions within the EU, eliminating the need to register separately in each member state where transactions take place.