Opening a limited liability company in Poland

Turn key process how to open a company in Poland online.

Progress Holding opens a company for you.

The most popular form of running a business in Poland is a one person company and a limited liability company. Foreigners most often choose to establish a limited liability company ( LLC = Sp z o. o.). Progress Holding registers a LLC without the presence of shareholders, i.e. remotely.
Registration of Sp z o. o. is carried out exclusively electronically via the following systems: S24 and PRS.

What is the main difference between S24 and PRS?

At S24, we use a standard partnership agreement. Registration time: approx. 3 days
In PRS, you can change the partnership agreement at the notary’s office. Installation time approximately 14 days


In order to register a LLC in S24 or PRS, we collect the following documents or data and activities:
1. PESEL numbers and ePUAP electronic signatures of shareholders and the management board.
2. Company name
3. Details of Shareholders and their shares. If the shareholder is another company, you need to obtain their extract from the register, statute, method of representation, and specify UBO data.
4. Address
5. Amount of capital
6. PKD – types of businesses
7. Management board (representation) and method of representation. PESEL and having ePUAP
8. Date of the first annual FS

Company Income tax is 9%