Temporary resident card – TRC

We prepare and submit on behalf of customers application for TRC

Temporary residence card

Progress Holding provides companies with services in obtaining a temporary residence card in Poland TRC.
With a temporary residence card (residence card) you can stay in Poland from 3 to 36 months, while with a permanent residence permit (called Residence Permit) you can stay in Poland indefinitely; the residence permit can later be extended for 10 years.


The conditions for obtaining a residence permit are regulated by the Polish Act on Foreigners. The residence card allows free entry and exit from the country and short-term visits to other Schengen countries without visas, medical care, education in Poland, purchase and rental of real estate and other property.
Nevertheless, the residence permit provides the foreigner with a small part of the privileges of Polish citizenship.
Permit to Stay: granted to non-EU citizens who have been living in Poland for at least 5 years on the basis of a permanent residence permit. It is valid indefinitely and allows its holder to work and travel freely within the Schengen area.