Bank statement versus account history

Bank statement versus account history

A bank statement is a document that is usually generated by the bank on a monthly basis and sent to customers by the route chosen by them when concluding the account agreement. The document contains a summary of all transactions made on the account to which the statement relates.

A bank statement is not the same as a transaction history

A bank statement is not the same as a transaction history. The main difference is that the statement is generated by the bank and the customer cannot influence what data is included – the bank provides a full history of transactions made on the account.

The transaction history, on the other hand, can be downloaded independently at any time and for any period selected. Most banks give you the opportunity to choose which information you want to include on the document.

What are the characteristics of a bank statement?

The following data can be found on the statement:

  • the dates defining the period for which the document was generated;
  • details of the bank that generated the statement;
  • identification data of the account holder
  • summary of turnover on the account
  • full history of the account for a specified period

Where to get a bank statement from?

You can download the bank statement yourself via the bank’s online application. You can also receive it by email, or you can request it to be generated at any bank branch.


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