How to set up a temporary employment agency in Poland?

Every year, about 2 million Ukrainians and hundreds of thousands of citizens from other countries of the former CIS come to Poland in search of work. The economic forecast for 2020 is positive, the European Commission predicts an increase in the Polish economy in 2020 and 2021 by 3.3%. Therefore, the demand for labor will increase, and the demand for employees from the former CIS countries will also maintain its upward trend.

How to register your employment agency in Poland:

• It is necessary to create a company with a legal entity (not a physical one). One of the most frequently chosen forms is a limited liability company – a limited liability company. It is best to start a business via the Internet and the S24 system.
• After the company registration, the employment agency’s licenses will be issued for further employee mediation (fee PLN 200) or registration for temporary work (fee PLN 200).
• On the basis of the application, the company is entered in the register of employment agencies for an indefinite period. You can always check your registration on the website Register of Employment Agencies (KRAZ)
• Each year it is necessary to report on the actions taken. In the absence of activity, the registrar may remove the company from the list and withdraw the granted license.

It is worth remembering that according to art. 18 clause 1 of the Act on employment promotion and labor market institutions, an employment agency may offer only specific services:

• Job placement

• Personal advice

• Career advice

Undertaking activities in the form of employment services must meet certain conditions:

• Do not have arrears due to taxes, social security contributions, health insurance and the Labor Fund and the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund
• Be not punished for offenses referred to in art. 121-121b of the Act, be an entity which is not affected by open liquidation or a declaration of bankruptcy.

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