Improving the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland

On January 4, the President of the Republic of Poland signed an amendment to the act on foreigners and certain other acts, which is to accelerate the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland.

The purpose of the act is to streamline proceedings regarding the granting of temporary residence permits to foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland, in particular temporary residence and work permits. The deadlines for processing applications for a national visa will be shortened.

The amendment also makes it easier to apply for the Pole’s Card. After one of the changes, the evidence confirming the fulfillment of the conditions for receiving the card will include the Card of the Pole of the parent or one of the applicant’s grandparents.

In summary, the most important changes concern:

  • defining a 60-day deadline for settling an administrative case related to granting a foreigner a temporary residence permit in the first instance, and a 90-day deadline for considering the case by the appeal body,
  • shortening the time limits for processing applications for certain national visas, i.e. visas issued for the purpose of study, research or development work, internships or participation in the European Voluntary Service program – from 60 to 30 days,
  • arranging the provisions on initiating the procedure for granting a temporary residence permit in cases where the application is not submitted in person by the foreigner who is to receive the permit.
Improving the legalization of foreigners’ stay in Poland


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