Registration of sole proprietorship

Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) is a register of companies that contains information about entrepreneurs conducting sole proprietorship in Poland. If you want to run such a business, you must register with CEIDG.


Information you will need to correctly complete the CEiDG-1 document

  • name, surname, parents’ names, date and place of birth
  • type, series and number of the identity document
  • PESEL – if you have Polish citizenship or it has been granted to you all nationalities held
  • NIP and REGON number, if provided
  • address of residence and other addresses related to the assumed business activity
  • name of the assumed business activity – it must contain your name and surname
  • short name
  • PKD codes
  • the number of employees you plan to hire
  • the date of commencement of activity
  • information on insurance in ZUS, KRUS or abroad
  • details of the tax office competent for your place of residence

Important! NIP and REGON numbers will be given to you automatically after a positive consideration of the application.


What you can include in the application to CEiDG

  1. Along with the application, you submit a declaration regarding the lack of a prohibition to completely conduct business activity and the possession of title to real estate, the addresses of which are entered in the CEiDG.
  2. When submitting an application for entering your activity in CEiDG, you can submit a declaration on the form of paying income tax, submit an application for taxation in the form of a tax card and attach a registration or update application for VAT.
  3. As an entrepreneur, you must report to ZUS as an insured person. You can do it by attaching appropriate forms to the CEIDG-1 application. Additionally, you can register members of your family for insurance.
  4. In the application for entry in CEiDG, you may also provide information about bank accounts related to the conducted activity. The entrepreneur is obliged to inform about the opening and closing of each bank account related to the conducted business activity.


CEiDG application submission methods

  • Online via the portal (trusted e-PUAP profile or qualified signature required)
  • Online via the CEiDG portal (trusted e-PUAP profile or qualified signature required)
  • In person at each town or commune office
  • By post (the document must be signed and certified by a notary public)

If you have any questions regarding the registration of a sole proprietorship, write to us at