Accounting support programs (2019 ranking)

Currently, accounting using a computer and accounting programs is a common and almost necessary practice. No accountant can do without these tools. Full accounting software available on the market outdo each other in new solutions aimed at increasing work efficiency, convenience and functionality. Therefore, choosing the right program becomes unobvious. It all depends on the specifics of a given job within the scope of accounting, type of supported companies and price. The main advantage of choosing known programs is their greater functionality and more frequent updates.
Below are the list of the ten most popular accounting programs currently on the Polish market, both paid and available for free on the web.

Paid programs:

• BUCHALTER II is designed to support companies: keeping accounting documentation in the form of a tax revenue and expense ledger, payers of value added tax (VAT), taxpayers of income tax in the form of a lump sum, VAT payers who are required to register retail sales using fiscal devices , accounting offices. The program consists of: revenue and expense ledger, sales and purchasing records, lump sum records, retail sales, warehouse, files, taxes: income, VAT and lump sum.

• Exact – New customers can choose from many comprehensive business solutions oriented to individual industries and processes. Existing customers can extend their Exact Globe software with additional modules, users and administrations. 6 dashboards with real-time information: sales, costs, results, liquidity, risk and management, access to full and current financial information from any location, international support, local operation or in ExactCloud.

• InsERT Rewizor GT (REWGT) – Used to keep accounting records in companies that require full accounting. Most often it is used directly in the accounting department of enterprises. It has also gained popularity in the case of accounting offices keeping accounting records of other entities.

• InsERT Rachmistrz GT (RGT) – The Rachmistrz GT program is used to keep the revenue and expense ledger (KPiR), it can also be used by lump sum tax payers.

• dGCS Revenue and Expenditure Book PRO – Prepares, among others statements of turnover and costs for a given month and cumulatively since the beginning of the year, prepares annual statements of turnover and costs and settlements including inventories, printing of the Book and Lump-sum Records (several versions) and statements with the possibility of preview on the screen.

• mobile Subiekt – A simple, functional tool working on mobile devices with a touch screen. The Mobile Subiekt is integrated with the well-known Subiekt GT. Thanks to this, it has access to documents and information on prices of goods, inventory, contractors, etc. It is also easy to add and edit contractor data, issue orders, bills, invoices and send documents to Subiekta GT.

• SYMFONIA Finance and Accounting – the program performs all basic accounting operations – from building a chart of accounts and easy accounting of documents, through automatic closing balance, full settlements and settlements, to ready, user-defined statements and reports.

• Wapro Fakir – for commercial, service and production companies, accounting offices and budget units. It operates as an independent financial and accounting system or in the management system of Asseco WAPRO. Automates accounting operations and calculations. Easy to adapt to individual needs.
• FkKamsoft – Comprehensive accounting service. Integration with other systems – individual approach to the customer. A reliable and secure database. The KS-FKW financial and accounting system is an integral part of a comprehensive business solution dedicated to the medicine and pharmacy market. It is a tool that allows you to automate document accounting processes. In addition to the basic functions, which are keeping accounting books, tax and management records, the system provides additional mechanisms: Full automation of accounting processes. Control of counterparties’ liabilities and receivables with automatic settlement. Building cross-sectional business analyzes with particular emphasis on cost accounting in healthcare units. A tool for creating your own statements based on definable statements. Module for planning and monitoring financial results. The system focused on the pharmaceutical sector.

Comarch ERP Optima – ERP system (Enterprise resource planning) is a software for comprehensive enterprise management. Comprehensive, because the “resource planning” hidden under the name ERP really covers all areas of the company’s back office (sales, finance, accounting, human resources and squares, etc.). The modern ERP system is a universal tool that facilitates running a business, regardless of its size and industry. His most important distinguishing feature is work on one database. This means that data entered in one area of ​​the system, e.g. in commerce, are immediately visible to other users, e.g. in production or accounting.

Stability and security in ERP systems

A modern ERP system should be a scalable solution – adapting to the size of the company, the specifics of business processes and the structure of its business (e.g. multi-activity). This means that the increase in the number of software users and the amount of data does not affect its speed of operation and stability. This is possible thanks to the appropriate programming architecture of the solution (adapted to both smaller and very large clients) – e.g. the use of dynamic infrastructure in cloud solutions.

The usefulness of any ERP system will drop very quickly if it is deprived of adequate professional care. Therefore, it is very important that the solution we use has full support of the manufacturer or supplier, ensuring, among others:

• its current update (functional extensions, adaptation to changes in regulations),

• expert consultations (advice on using the system and its development, solving user problems),

• system development (e.g. with additional, dedicated industry capabilities)

• system maintenance and backup of data saved in it,

• fix any software errors

• Raks – RAKS is a complete program for accounting offices. It allows you to keep accounting and payroll settlements of companies, public institutions, cooperatives, foundations and non-profit organizations. It supports any number of entities – without limits or restrictions.

– Fast document entry
-No limits or restrictions on the number of billed companies
– Fixed Assets and Finance for any number of companies
-Convenient data import from customer systems
-Free phone and electronic support
-Direct exchange of data: ZUS, e-declarations, JPK, banking settlement systems.
KPiR- An extremely simple and friendly program for Accounting Offices that settle clients on the basis of the Revenue and Expense Book or the record of income subject to flat-rate income tax. The application is intuitive to use and rich in functions to improve the daily work of accountants.

• 2fk – is a system that enables comprehensive accounting in the form of full accounting and, optionally, in the form of a revenue and expense ledger or a flat-rate revenue record. It contains many additional modules that allow you to keep all required records and to fully settle the company and its owners with the tax office. When designing the program, special emphasis was placed on the speed of entering data without using the mouse. Optimized document entry and the entire control system allows you to change the organization of work – data can be entered by a person who is unfamiliar with accounting, while the accountant only checks and closes accounts. Thanks to numerous consultations with experts running accounting offices, the program has been refined to the smallest detail. R2fk is the 4th generation of accounting systems developed since 1992. It is characterized by a relatively low price, quick implementation, and simple and intuitive operation, which can be mastered even by novice computer users. Due to the possibility of operating companies with different types of accounting in one program (full, revenue book, lump sum), the program seems to be particularly attractive offer for accounting offices. It may also be interesting for companies moving from the book of revenues to full accounting, because due to the identical interface and method of entering data, it will basically help you get started.

Free programs:

• Ala – simplified accounting – Allows you to keep the Revenue and Expense Book or Revenue Records (with the option of entering entries in several months in parallel), income tax settlement, print out the necessary declarations, keep records of contractors, tax offices, business events, accounts and others. Depending on the version, the program also allows you to keep VAT registers and accounts.

• KPiR Revenue and Expense Book – A professional financial and accounting program that is ideally suited to serving both small and medium enterprises. KPiR enables keeping records of costs and purchases, issuing tax and social security declarations, full service of fixed assets and recording VAT registers of purchase and sale.

• Book Express STD – Free version of the finance and accounting program Book Express PRO from TGSoft. It enables keeping a Tax Book of Revenues and Expenses, Sales and Purchase Registers VAT, as well as preparing PIT-5, PIT-5L, VAT-7, VAT-7K declarations. It allows you to keep accounts of contractors, settle partners, automatically update VAT registers based on entries to the KPiR.

• Entrepreneur package – Small Accounting – A small, simple application that allows you to support an unlimited number of companies that settle income tax based on the tax book of revenues and expenses (KPiR) or an accounted lump sum.

• VAT specialist – The program enables, among others, simplified and full accounting (multi-year chart of accounts, balance sheet, turnover), VAT sales and purchase registers, records of fixed assets and equipment, cash register and bank accounts, settlement of vehicle operating costs, production from completion and much more.

The list was created based on the latest rankings and lists of accounting programs prepared at the turn of 2018/2019.

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