Activity Report on the WSE in 07 2016

Equity trading on the Main Market in July reached the level 2016 21.1 billion PLN, ie 9.3% more than the year before. At the same time the number of transactions in July totaled 2016 1,3 million, recording a decrease of 0.9% year on year. The average daily value of trading in shares in the framework of the order book on the Main Market was the year in July 2016 805.1 million PLN, while on the NewConnect market – 3.1 million PLN.

The value listed on the Catalyst market bond issue at the end of the year in July 2016 78.9 billion PLN, which means an increase of 14.5% year on year. The total value of trading on the Catalyst market fell by 13% compared to July of the year 2015, 179.9 to the level of PLN.

In June, the NC index recorded an increase of 3.22%, like the other indices and NCIndex30 WIG20. WIG-Ukraine as in June recorded another increase, this time with 8.67%.

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