Aid for Ukraine as tax-deductible expense

Aid for Ukraine as tax-deductible expense

The humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine for the benefit of, inter alia, public benefit organizations, local governments and the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves will be tax-deductible.

In accordance with the draft act adopted by the Polish government (07/03/2022), the cost of obtaining revenues will be the production costs or the purchase price of goods or rights being the subject of donations in the period from February 24.2022 to December 31.2022 for purposes related to counteracting the effects of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

We are talking about donations that will go to public benefit organizations, local government units, the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves, entities performing medical activities or activities in the field of medical rescue in the territory of the Republic of Poland or Ukraine.

IMPORTANT! The costs of producing or purchasing donations may not be previously recognized as tax deductible costs, including through depreciation write-offs.

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