Anti-crisis shield – summary and the most important benefits

The Anti-Crisis Shield, together with its supplement and amendments of April 16, 2020, offers the following facilities, discounts and co-financing for Polish companies and entrepreneurs, foreigners employed in Poland and companies in Poland with foreign owners:

Exemption from the 3-month ZUS contribution
For self-employed people and micro-entrepreneurs employing from 1 to 49 people. Companies established until April 1, 2020 may apply. Condition: income not higher than 300% of the forecast average monthly gross salary in the national economy in 2020 – 5,227 PLN (limit 15,600 PLN).

Parking benefit
Parking benefit in the amount of up to approx. 2,000 PLN – for contractors (mandate, agency contract, for a specific task) and self-employed (income limit abolished). The application may be submitted up to 3 times. Condition: if the income drops by 15% compared to the month preceding the application and which was not higher than 300% of the average salary.

Co-financing of employee remuneration
Co-financing of employee remuneration – up to 40% of the average monthly remuneration, i.e. 2,090 PLN. Condition: granted for a period of max. 3 months for micro, small and medium enterprises employing employees. The business owner must run it for at least 2 months.

Non-returnable loans for companies
Up to the amount of 5,000 PLN with a fixed interest rate per year. It will be granted on a one-off basis with the option of redemption – the loan with interest will be redeemed provided that for a period of 3 months the micro-entrepreneur does not reduce the employment level in terms of full-time work compared to the employment level as at 29 February 2020. For a loan entrepreneurs not employing employees may also apply.

Extending working capital loans
The ending revolving loan term will be able to be resumed automatically. The bank will calculate your creditworthiness based on financial data as at the end of 2019.

BGK de minimis guarantee for SMEs
By the end of 2020, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to obtain a loan with a de minimis guarantee up to 3.5 million PLN. No commission will be charged on guarantees for existing or due loans.

Reverse settlement of tax losses in CIT and PIT
The reduction is one-off and may not be greater than by 5 million PLN. In order to take advantage of the deduction of loss, an adjustment must be made to the tax return for 2019. Taxpayers who, in 2020, will achieve total business income lower by at least 50% compared to 2019 may benefit from a reduction in income (income).

Extension of the foreigner’s visa / stay in Poland
Consent to stay during the legalization of your stay. A visa or work permit is valid for 30 days after cancellation of the epidemic status. condition: All foreigners who have been legally resident in Poland since the date of the epidemic announcement, i.e. 20/03/2020

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Anti-crisis shield – summary and the most important benefits


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