Bookkeeping service, business support

With its 16 years of experience Progress Holding  provides bookkeeping and accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We provide service  in English and Russian, for foreigners starting business in Poland.

Scope of bookkeeping and business support services:

  • bookkeeping and accounting
  • CIT and PIT declaration
  • preparation of tax returns and social security declarations
  • personnel and payroll – described  in details below
  • handling tax matters
  • preparing applications to the Social Insurance
  • annual financial reports
  • handling issues in company register KRS
  • tax identification for  personnel – PESEL
  • Electronic signature ePUAP
  • business address

Progress Holding also provide HR and payroll service
HR and payroll scope of service:

  • Registering employer and employees with ZUS (state social security provider);
  • Remuneration calculation for employees, holidays, sick leaves;
  • Preparing declarations RMUA, RCA etc, and payroll reports, summaries for bookkeeping entries;
  • Calculation of social security payments and PIT payments, required by Polish regulations;
  • Calculations of local and foreign delegations
  • Consultation in employee remuneration payments and contacting ZUS, tax office;

Additional service lined to bookeeping, HR and payroll:

  • Providing work permits for foreign citizens in Poland
  • Providing work permissions type: Oświadczenie o zamiarze zatrudnienia, work permit type A and B
  • Consultation service in delegating foreign labour force to third countries
  • How to send emplyee to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and other countries
  • Assistance in managing cases of foreigners working in Poland and Polish citizens employed by companies without a formal seat in Poland;
  • Cooperation during inspections by the Social Insurance Institution or the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP).

How to send emplyee to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden and other countries – this you may find in another tab ,,SERVICE FOR COMPANIES,,

Use free of charge consultation (in Polish, English and Russsian) and write to us  office@progressholding.pl

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