Bookkeeping service, business support in Poland

With its over 17 years of experience Progress Holding  provides bookkeeping and accounting service in Poland for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We provide service in English and Russian, for foreigners starting business in Poland.

Accounting and bookkeeping service in Poland.

Progress Holding Ltd. has been providing accounting services and bookkeepers for companies in Poland for 16 years, running an accounting office for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Based in Poland our team supports business accounting service for all intents and purposes. We serve companies in accounting and bookkeeping from Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk Łódź and Lublin.

Whether accounting, bookkeeping or additional accounting services –  our accountants help all customers and support their business. If you have problems with accounting apreach us. In the accounting package, we offer sales support by promoting ads on the international advertisement portal

Most of our clients engage in foreign trade. A large part of our clients are companies with foreign capital and various profiles: production, commercial and service. Full accounting and accounting services for our clients are provided in Polish, Russian and English. This is the answer to the question I am looking for an accounting office.

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Progress Holding provides full payroll accounting services. Write to us

    We provide services throughout Poland.

    If you are interested in accounting services in Warsaw and other cities,  offers of accounting companies (accounting for ltd., full accounting), accounting services, accounting for companies, then our offer is just for you.

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    If your destination is not Warsaw, it is not a problem either. Our accounting and company operates not only within the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, but also throughout Poland. We provide accounting services in Russian and English. We will consult your ideas for free, write to us:

    Scope of services Progress Holding:

    Bookkeeping & accounting

    CIT & PIT declaration

    Personnel & payroll

    Handling tax matters

    Annual financial reports



    Preparing applications

    to the Social Insurance

       Handling issues in

    company register KRS

    Tax identification for

    personnel – PESEL

    Preparation of tax returns and social security declarations

    Accounting service in Poland in 2021

    Polish bookkeeping standards are mainly  described in the laws, like , Ustawa o rachunkowości, Ustawa o podatku od towarów i usług, Ustawa o podatku od osób  prawnych. Bookkeeping in Poland is adjucted to EU standards, but it differs slightly with IFRS. Bookkeeping itself is not very complicated, however it works with binding law. Unfortunately recently bookkeeping in Poland for companies was effected by change of law. Good bookkeeper is constantly monitoring change of law. Otherwise he can wrongly execute bookkeeping entries. That is why Progress Holding pays substancial attention to quality of  our Polish accountans have Ministry of Finance liceneses and  monitor permanently news to be awere of all changes in accounting law.

    Progress Holding Bookkeeping service covers:

    • handing of accounting ledgers (bookkeeping, income and costs account, VAT registers, income register, cost register),
    • performance of annual financial reports according to Polish Law
    • preparation of periodical reports , like balance sheet, profit and loss account
    • preparation of additional reports in line with the specifications of the customer, subject to separate agreement
    • calculation of monthly or quarterly tax liabilities in VAT and advance payments in CIT and PIT,
    • preparation of tax declarations, and reports for the National Statistical Office (GUS), and others, if pre-agreed.
    • advices to streamline the cost.

    Polish accounting consists of the collection of primary documents, verification of the correctness of the preparation of primary documents from the point of view of the law “On Accounting”. Checking the sequence of invoices (numbers must have their order), checking the sequence of bank statements. Introduction of documents into the electronic system, sorting documents according to invoices, making consolidation of accounts. Accounting in Poland is carried out in accordance with the Law on Accounting in Poland. An accountant in Poland should be well aware of other laws, including the law on employment, the tax code, the law on value added from goods and services. It is advisable that an accountant in Poland also knows the Company Code (KSH), because accounting in Poland affects many areas of activity. A good accountant in Poland holds a license from the Ministry of Finance. The license is issued after passing the exams. Keep these points in mind when looking for accounting services in Poland. We know Polish laws well – check us out through consultation!

    According to the Law “On Accounting”, invoice numbers should be assigned in order(1, 2, 3 …).

    Online documents flow and bookkeeping in Poland in 2021

    Progress Holding practices to run documents flow with customers online. So the customer  receives  access to the personal account in the cloud and deposit documents there. So the customer and the bookkeeper have simultaneous access to those documents.  It facilitate the documents  flow and by these means we execute online bookkeeping service. Proper business service helps you to save time and concentrate on sales.

    Online bookkeeping in Poland

    Convenient way of transferring documents to your bookkeeper is online mode. Progress Holding  communicates onlie with  our customers. You upload documents to dedicated ledger and receive reporting from Progress Holding dedicated Polish bookkeeper. Whenever you have to pay tax or payrolls, social security you are informed beforehand. Regularly you receive profit and loss accounts, balance sheet and balance statements with  counterparties

    Preparation and submission of a declaration in Poland in 2021

    Main Polish  accounting sist  declarations are: VAT and NNP reports, a JPK report (a single control package for tax), a report for the Social Insurance Fund, if there are employees. All these reports are compulsory and prepared by our  Polish accountants each month. Accounting in Poland must have an up-to-date electronic system that transmits all reports via the Internet. Control authorities quickly check the data of all counterparties and calculate the missing invoices of the counterparty. Overdue reports are fined, so accounting in Poland must submit reports on time. In emergency situations, the reports can be adjusted so that the company and accounting in Poland can change or replenish the reports.

    Employee registration in Poland in 2021

    It consists in the preparation of the basic documents of the employee. In the case of a non-resident, permission to stay and work in Poland is required. In the case of a non-resident, there are 2 main types of work permits. The simplified procedure for obtaining a work permit for 6 months (declaration of intention to entrust work) and work permit for 1 year is type A. Our Polish accountants provide this business service to our customers and help the employee fill out questionnaires and register the employee in the social insurance fund.

    Progress Holding also provides a service for obtaining work permits for foreigners.

    Accounting for small business – its our mainstream activity

    Efficient business bookkeping service helps each company to solve  administrative problems. It means handling issues with tax authorities, licenses, social security, work permits for foreigners, regular reporting etc. Professional business support rendered by Progress Holding generate more time to focus on sales.

    Bookkeeping service for small comanies is indispensable, even very small business requires accounting. When your company  starts sales its necessary to provide  periodical reporting and registers like JPK. Delay of reporting generates penalties.

    Annual reporting is provided to the tax authorities and to the Register (KRS). In this case bookkeeping service for small companies  is needed as well. Business accountant  elaborate annual report CIT 8 and fills it with tax authorities. Deadline for annual report to tax authorities is March 31. Up to  June 30 each lagal entity has to place annual financial statement to the Register. Again bookkeeping services is required. In principal business accountant prepares Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts, Introduction and Bookkeeping Description.

    On the top of that, Progress Holding permanently monitors changes in Polish accounting regulations and occasionally report to our customers changes and interpretations.

    Accounting service for small and medium size enterprises in 2021.

    What is the difference of providing service to small and medium size companies? In principal an accountant in Poland providing service to small company  has to handle much more items on behalf of the customer and explain more than in  medium size companies. Small businesses have no resources to handle tax, payroll or HR service, that’s why Polish accountant  has to do it on your behalf . Our customers  receive full service in bookkeeping, payroll, contacts with tax or labor authorities

    Accountants in Progress Holding support business and provide bookkeeping  service for  small comapnies and explains foreign entrepreneurs how to handle bookkeeping documentation in a proper way. Our Polish accountants  try as much as possible to release  foreign entrepreneurs from bureaucracy.

    We provide services throughout Poland

    We provide accounting services in English, Polish and Russian

    We will consult your ideas for free

    Obsługa kadrowo-płacowa

    Business support in Poland – what service you may expect?

    Usually when you look for business support in Poland you find offers of the accounting service. Scopes of the offers vary from simplest accounting to complex accounting service, incorporation, bank loans, business evaluation, etc. Running a business in Poland you may encounter different problems to solve, therefore its better you choose counterparty, who can provide service in many fields. Price for such a service may not be necessary higher than in small accounting companies. Better you select two or three offers of accounting companies, compare and choose what suits you the best. Always ask price quotation, and check how quick they react on your inquiry. Mind that internet commentaries are not necessarily genuine. You may ask contact to the customer call and check credentials.

    For example Progress Holding provides complex service, like:

    • Accounting, preparation of the annual financial statements
    • Handling matters in tax office, social security authorities, Court Register – KRS, authorities for labor control
    • Incorporation, id registration number, electronic signature
    • Virtual office,
    • Providing work permits for foreigners
    • Assistance in banking services, opening bank account, loans, leasing and other credit products
    • Business case Business plans, starting and enlarging customer base
    • Private investors, found rising
    • Progress Holding runs marketplace and can assist with offers,  ad, banners All in  3 languages


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