Can a foreigner obtain a PESEL in Poland?

PESEL – personal identification number, without which it is difficult to imagine full social activity in the Polish state. The personal identification number will be needed everywhere: at the doctor’s visit, to receive a bank card, in all contacts with state institutions.

PESEL consists of 11 digits and is assigned to every Pole. A foreigner can also receive a number, but under certain conditions.

In translation, PESEL stands for Polish social insurance.

Who is awarded an identification number?

There are specific conditions that entitle an individual to Polish social insurance:

– A Polish citizen who resides in Poland for a period of three months or has a permanent residence permit in Poland for a period of three months. The person who has received the relevant certificate.
– A foreigner staying in Poland for a period of three months in accordance with art. 26.
– A foreigner conducting business activity in Poland.
– A Polish citizen or a foreigner with Polish health and social insurance.
– A Polish citizen living in another country.

If the interested person does not fit PESEL, they will need to obtain a Tax Identification Number (NIP) at the Tax Office.

How can a foreigner obtain PESEL?

To obtain the code, a foreigner must go to the municipal office – the Registry Office. In every municipal office, there is a population registry department where the code is issued.

The officials at the office will provide consultation on the documentation, provide a form to fill out, and assign an identification number. The code can be used a week after it is issued.

The services for issuing the number are paid. The cost can be found out at the city hall.

PESEL can be obtained through a power of attorney.

What documents will be needed

Before going to the office, it is worth taking care of the documents in advance. The following will be needed:

– Foreign passport;
– Visa;
– Residence Card (if available);
– Rental agreement, sale of residential property.

The form can be filled out in the office or online, then printed and delivered to the population registry department.

Nuances of issuing PESEL to foreigners

In Poland, there is no discrimination based on nationality in obtaining a personal number. The simplest and fastest way to obtain an identification number is through Polish registration, which results in PESEL, or if you plan to start a business in Poland.

If a citizen of another country does not have registration, they can use the insurance that applies to every foreigner staying in Poland. However, this method is less effective. Having registration with local authorities is a convincing argument.

A foreigner must prove that they need a personal number. What justifies it?

– Intent to start a business in Poland.
– Permanent residence in Poland.
– Permit for long-term residence in Poland – for EU residents.
– Refugee status.
– Humanitarian reasons.
If any family member has a permit for permanent residence in Poland, has refugee status, or has humanitarian reasons – state protection is necessary.

Note! Better not to give the following reasons in justification:

– National visa.
– Residence permit in Poland.
– Employer’s obligation to issue an identification number to the employee.

Attention! If a foreigner needs to register in the National Court Register of Poland, having PESEL is a mandatory condition.

PESEL with registration

Polish registration is an opportunity to quickly obtain a personal code. Registration can be done when buying real estate or if the owner of an apartment agrees to register the tenant.

To get registered, you also need to go to the municipal office. A visa or Residence Card, a lease agreement signed by the lessor, will be required.

PESEL without registration

It is much more difficult to obtain a number without official registration. However, a number can be obtained if you have health and social insurance.

After receiving advice and submitting applications, you must go to the population registry department at the district or local municipal office.

A personal identification number can be obtained through the consulate. This is an option mentioned in Polish law.

Changing PESEL

The law allows changing the identification code under the following conditions:

– change of gender;
– exchange of an old birth certificate;
– if the issuing authority made a mistake.

Remember that the entire social structure of Poland is based on PESEL. Therefore, this number will be needed everywhere. The easiest way to obtain a personal number is through registration.