Changes for foreign workers in Poland in 2022

Legalization of foreign citizens

From 2022, a number of changes, greatly facilitating the legalization process for foreign citizensare expected in Poland. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • To obtain a residence card, you no longer need to confirm your place of residence – it is enough to meet only the profitability criterion
  • From January 2022, the minimum income per stay will increase – the applicant will need to prove an income of at least 776 PLN net per month, and at least 600 PLN per month for each dependent (previously the amounts were 701 and 528 PLN)
  • Income for the residence card can be submitted from several jobs
  • The term for making decisions on residence cards was determined – 60 days
  • The procedure for changing jobs with residence cards is facilitated, but the process will become paid, and making data changes will cost 220 PLN
  • For “family reunification”, minors will be those who were under 18 years of age at the time of filing, regardless of age at the time of the decision
  • The Pole’s Card (kartapolaka) can be obtained on the basis of the possession of the Pole’s Card by the parents or the presence of one by the grandparents, regardless of the age of the applicant.

Employment and wages

For many foreigners coming to Poland, employment is one of the most important topics, let’s have a look at some changes:

  • First, it is an increase in the minimum wage to 3010 PLN, and an increase in hourly wages to 19.70 PLN
  • Extension of the duration of the oświadczenie up to 24 months (currently 6 months). This will also apply to seasonal permits. Moreover, the time breaks between permit will have to be canceled, and it will be possible to get the next one immediately after the end of the previous one, or when changing jobs.
  • Expansion of powers of labor exchanges (urzędy pracy). If earlier labor exchanges were focused only on people who lost their jobs and the unemployed, now this will also apply to people who work in the same place, but would like to change their place of work. Also, without dismissal, it will be possible to improve qualifications in the specialty or get a new one.
  • Tightening for Polish employers paying salaries under “frowned-upon” scheme. Now the responsibility will be completely removed from employees and shifted in full to employers

The good news is that, according to the results of research, many enterprises in Poland are really planning to increase the salaries of their employees within next 12 months. This was stated by more than 70% of entrepreneurs.

Considering the topic of employment, we want to remind you that you should also not forget about the punishment for illegal employment. This can lead to the payment of very large fines and further deportation with a ban.


Many changes are planned due to the New Order (Nowy Ład) program. The non-taxable minimum should increase to 30,000 PLN, and the level from which the increased tax (32%) will be charged is increased to 120,000 PLN, up to this amount, a tax of 17% is charged. Besides:

  • An increase in pensions is expected. This will happen not due to indexation, but due to the abolition of taxes for low-paid categories of citizens living in Poland
  • In 2022, there will be an increase in payments on the “tax card”
  • Changes in the system of taxation of property owners are also expected. As a result, the rental price may increase.

In general, the New Order is expected to have a lot of tax changes that will affect both entrepreneurs and employees.

Health and sicklist

The sicklist paying will change. Hospital stay will now be increased and paid at 80% (instead of 70%). At the same time, ZUS employees get the right to conduct more detailed checks of the patient.

Other changes include the following:

  • Increase in the period of possible debt on payments in ZUS in voluntary insurance, while maintaining this type of insurance
  • “Work burnout” can now become the basis for issuing a sicklist
  • The issue of paying monetary compensation to victims of complications after vaccination against COVID-19 is being considered. For this purpose, the Fundusz Kompensacyjny Szczepień was established in Poland. Payments from the fund will be made to those citizens and foreigners who, after being vaccinated against COVID-19 in Poland, have experienced (experience) serious side effects on health associated with this vaccination.

This also includes various anti-epidemic measures that are associated with the spread of coronavirus.


Another list of important innovations that will come into force in 2022:

  • Increase in fines for road accidents
  • Entry into force of new rules for international drivers
  • Validity of covid certificates. From the 1st of February, they are reduced to 9 months

This is just a small list of innovations coming into force. In the future, we will try to cover all aspects of life in Poland in more detail and continue to aware you with new changes.

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Changes for foreign workers in Poland in 2022


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