Changes in the Polish Ład

Changes in the Polish Ład

Significant changes are planned in the Polish Lada. In this post, we present the most important of them that will have a significant impact on companies and economic activities.

  • Lowering the PIT rate from 17% to 12%
  • Health insurance fee included in the costs – For the flat tax it will be a maximum of 8.7 thousand PLN. PLN contributions will be deducted from income, for a lump sum tax by 50% of contributions, it will be possible to reduce income, and in the case of a tax card, it will be possible to reduce income by 19%.
  • Entrepreneurs will not be able to change the form of settlement, eg from a lump sum to a flat PIT tax, but the changes in the Polish Lada are to be constructed in such a way that entrepreneurs will not lose, even if they change the form of income tax settlement. The deadline for choosing the form of taxation expired on February 20. Back then, no one was talking about changes.

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