Company address and consequences of not receiving mail.

Many companies in the process of developing their business change their business addresses and do not inform tax authorities about this fact. Despite the fact that the most important thing is to run a business in order to cover all costs and still generate a profit. However, the company’s management is not exempt from administrative matters. Especially since these are simple issues. Generally, these matters are delegated to the accounting department or the secretariat. In practice, the company’s management sometimes forgets to inform accountants and the tax office that the address has been changed.
Recently, we have observed that tax offices meticulously check the correctness of the reported company’s registered address. If the company does not respond to tax office letters for months, the tax office removes the company from the VAT register. This particularly applies to foreign companies. In such cases, in accordance with the VAT Act, Article 96(9) subparagraphs 2 and 3 (lack of contact with the company), the tax office has the right to remove the company from the VAT payer register. This is when real problems begin and costs arise. Entrepreneurs, do not allow such simple mistakes to happen.
In the legislators’ assumption, detailed controls are supposed to promote supervision over newly opened companies, checking the correctness of data of existing companies, and the proper keeping of accounting records for companies.