Correct descriptions of tax transfers

Correct descriptions of tax transfers

According to surveys, more and more entrepreneurs have problems with the correct description of tax transfers.

The problem we would like to draw attention to has emerged with individual microaccounts for PIT, CIT and VAT payments. Very often, entrepreneurs describe a given payment incorrectly or these descriptions are even missing. One reason for this is that contributors use general transfers for this purpose instead of dedicated tax transfers. General transfers do not have special fields in which the taxpayer’s identification number, the abbreviated name of the tax to be paid and the period for which it is to be paid are entered. Mistakes are also made. All this causes unnecessary problems for both the Office and the entrepreneur himself.

The Tax Office appeals to make dedicated transfers – tax, not general, and with the correct description. It is also possible to deposit tax amounts using your account at the e-Tax Office. You can log in to it at using, for example, a trusted profile.

There is a chance that the problem will also be solved, at least in part, in another way, as a history of PIT, VAT, PCC, inheritance and gift tax and tax card settlements is soon to be available in the e-Tax Office. This will enable taxpayers to see whether they have settled their tax liabilities correctly.


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