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Franchising has long been considered one of the easiest ways to start a successful business from scratch. When buying a franchise, an entrepreneur receives a ready business plan and a full package of business instructions, as well as the right to work under an already promoted brand. In addition, it is convenient for those who have decided to change their place of residence and move to another country.

The popularity of the franchise around the world is growing every day and Poland is no exception. Entrepreneurs in Poland increasingly prefer proven business models. I must say that this type of activity is popular not only among local businessmen, but also among foreigners who have moved to Poland and want to invest their money in the dynamically developing Polish economy.

At the moment, there are over a thousand Polish and international companies offering franchise in Poland.


Benefits of franchising in Poland.

– Proven business model

– Cooperation with a brand already known on the Polish market

– Help and support from the management company

– Risk minimization for entrepreneurs and capital

– Acquiring proven partners, suppliers and contractors

– A company managed by foreigners in Poland has the same rights as Polish business entities

– Running your own business in Poland gives you the opportunity to obtain a residence permit, permanent residence permit or citizenship in the future

– Obtaining loans from Polish banks with low interest rates after 1-2 years of business


Ideas for business in Poland.

One of the most popular franchises in Poland are grocery stores. There are currently a huge number of points of sale in this industry. These franchises also include the Żabka chain of stores. These are small express stores near the house. The main idea of ​​such stores is convenience in making everyday purchases.

The opening of Żabka in Poland is quite easy, the most important thing is to choose a good location and the right strategy, and the franchise center will take care of marketing.

Next on the list of successful franchises are cafes and restaurants with local cuisine. There are many franchise cafes in Poland. Coffee franchises are very popular because everyone drinks coffee in large amounts.

Real estate agencies also occupy leading positions among franchisees in Poland. As a rule, they are addressed to those who have just arrived and do not know the Polish language and all the complexities of the real estate market, but need a quick apartment selection.

Hotels and hostels are a great idea for business in Poland. Now many Russian-speaking people from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus come to work in the country.

Beauty salons and hairdressing salons are a very interesting niche for people who want to open a business in Poland. Many point to the rather low level of Polish specialists and the lack of qualified personnel in this field.

Let us consider in more detail the conditions for the opening of several well-known franchises in Poland on specific examples.


Żabka franchise

The conditions for opening this franchise are very attractive. They have one of the lowest deposits on the market – about PLN 5,000. It includes a commission for connecting to the network (PLN 1,000), the cost of purchasing a cash register, a fee for issuing a license to sell alcoholic beverages and covering the cost of supplying a store with regional goods (vegetables, fruit and bread), the cost of the license is usually returned after three months of work. Everything else – renting premises, paying rent, equipment and food is provided by the chain itself. They also provide marketing and IT support. It is only necessary to sign a cooperation agreement.

You can apply for the franchisee position on the website in the “Franchise” tab. There, on the website, you can find more detailed conditions and documents necessary to conclude a cooperation agreement.


Bike Cafe franchise

Bike Cafe is the first chain of bicycle cafes in Poland. All equipment is placed on specially adapted bikes. These mobile coffee shops are very convenient for large and busy cities due to their mobility. Currently, Bike Cafe bikes can be found on the streets of twenty cities in Poland.

Investment – PLN 40,000.

The cooperation includes: marketing and organizational support, barista training, bicycle maintenance, user manual, product recipes and sales scenarios, a full range of barista accessories.

As part of the Bike Cafe purchase, a fully equipped, ready-to-ride bicycle is offered, which includes a coffee machine, wooden structures, bicycle power supplies and a winter tarpaulin.

Currently, the network consists of 70 units – 2 own and 68 franchised. It is estimated that the investment will pay off within 6 months.


Telepizza franchise

Telepizza is a leader in mobile pizza delivery in Poland. The Telepizza chain is made up of 30 own and 90 franchised establishments, making it one of the world’s largest food service brands, selling over 6 million pizzas annually and over ten years of business experience.

Basic requirements – a natural or legal person personally involved in the management of the Telepizza restaurant (no experience in gastronomy required); own or rented premises with an area of ​​approx. 100-150 m 2 – depending on the city and the attractiveness of the location; city ​​- over 40,000 inhabitants, in justified cases there may be less of them, a list of cities and towns with the greatest potential was given.

Support for partners is provided at all stages related to the operation of the pizzeria – these are construction and technical issues, administrative issues, legal assistance, marketing and advertising campaigns.

The minimum investment for this franchise is PLN 150,000. Conditions are selected individually.


More than half of the franchisors operating in Poland claim that the amount of investment needed to open their own business and purchase a franchise under their brand does not exceed PLN 50,000. More than half of the companies selling franchise in Poland do not charge a flat fee.

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Franchise – your business in Poland

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