How to find a good accounting service in Poland?

Most small and medium-sized companies in Poland use the services of companies that provide accounting outsourcing. Both companies with low turnover and companies with revenues in excess of EUR 10 million benefit from bookkeping and outsourcing.
In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right company to help you do your accounting and submit reports without distracting management from management and profit.

How to find a good accountant?

So where should you start? What services does an outsourcing company provide? What should you pay attention to in order not to make a wrong choice?

1. An outsourcing company should not only have accountants, but also a staff of related specialties – lawyers, human resources, financiers, etc. The company must provide a wide range of services. Everyone who will help you solve additional problems – company registration, making changes with the Registrar – KRS, obtaining licenses and work permits for employees and foreigners, obtaining additional financing. You will definitely need it, and if the selected company does not offer you, you will have to find another.
2. Ability to represent your interests to government agencies and tax authorities. Accounting services are not only accounting and timely submission of reports, it is also the ability to solve problems and provide explanations to regulatory authorities as to the submitted reports. The specificity of knowledge of local laws and taxes, and strict adherence to reporting deadlines are also important here. In Poland, violation of the deadlines may result in a fine imposed on company directors. In Poland, the confirmation of accounting professionalism is the possession of the Ministry of Finance’s license to keep accounting books, which is a guarantee of knowledge of the law.
3. Online access to your accounting department. Computer technologies do not stand still and have long been used in the provision of accounting services. In Poland, many types of declarations are made only in electronic form. Therefore, a characteristic feature of a good outsourcer will be the availability of software operating in the “cloud” format, when each client has remote access to their accounting documents.
4. It should be noted what the period of existence of the outsourcing company on the services market is. How many customers does the company already serve?
5. Company reputation, customer feedback, but not from the site, ask for a phone number of customers to call.
6. Pay attention to the company’s website, its ranking in search results – the first and second page in search engines is a good indicator. The website should contain the latest news confirming the updating of ultimate beneficiary owners, information about the company’s location, its contacts, and a convenient and fast way of communication.

The regulations have changed recently, so it is necessary to monitor what additional activities have to be performed by companies. For example, the new Final Beneficiary Law (CRBR) requires a company to register on the Ministry’s website. Otherwise, you will be fined.

Dates for submitting tax returns and paying taxes to the Tax Office:

• CIT – advance payments are made up to 20 days for the previous month
• single control package (list of all invoices) up to 25 days in the previous month
• VAT-7 VAT report – monthly up to 25 days
• CIT-8 and financial statements – by March 31 of each year
• any changes to the business address or bank account should be reported immediately on the NIP-8 form.
to the Social Insurance Fund:
• RMUA remuneration report – by the 15th day for the previous month to the Statistical Office:
• company data report
Annual report to the Secretary until June 30

Which of the above can Progress Holding offer?

• Our company has been successfully operating on the Polish market for over 16 years. We serve over 130 clients from 10 countries. You can always read the opinions and recommendations of our clients on our website or ask for a telephone contact. We provide services to 2 companies from the group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
• On the website you can also get quick and free online consultations on many issues, read important information, service prices and the latest news in the field of business and finance.
• All our specialists have many years of experience in the industry and are authorized by the Ministry of Finance to conduct accounting. We serve clients in 3 languages ​​- Polish, English, Russian.
• We not only deal with accounting, but also provide a wide range of business support services – opening and registering companies in the EU, acquiring investors, obtaining work permits, obtaining additional funds, obtaining licenses and much more.
• We have been cooperating closely with the company registrar – KRS for a long time, as well as with tax authorities, regulatory authorities and employment agencies. If necessary, we can represent your interests before tax and regulatory authorities, as well as quickly and efficiently solve any emerging problems.
• You can review the draft service agreement in advance.
• We have a flexible pricing system, you can choose a tariff that is convenient for you, depending on your business transactions, chosen tax regime, etc. If necessary, you can always reduce or supplement the service package.
• We guarantee full confidentiality at all stages of cooperation.
• Online access – access to the accounting department at any time.

If you have any questions, you can always write to us at, and we will share with you all the necessary information about comprehensive accounting services for companies in Poland.

How to find a good accounting service in Poland?