How to set up a company via the S24 system?

The S24 system is the fastest and easiest way to set up a company without laborious documentation and excessive waste of time. In this article, we will show you step by step how to register a company by selecting S24.

The first and most important step before starting registration is creating an ePuaP account and having an electronic signature. It is also important to have a PESEL identification number. At the beginning, it is not required (if you are a foreigner, a passport is enough), but during the subsequent formalities with regard to the established company, it is already necessary.

To register a company, you will need the following data and documents:
– ID card or passport
– company name
– company address and address for service
– list of partners
– PKD of the company
– data on the share capital and shares in the company
– value of shares (minimum 50 PLN for the value of one share
– who is on the company’s management board and what functions they perform
It is also worth finding out to which court you should submit your documents. You can check it in terms of address affiliation – each court has a list of addresses that fall under it.

The first stage of registering a company is filling in the forms of documents, which include:
– company agreement,
– list of partners
– declaration of company capital payment
– a statement whether the company is a foreigner within the meaning of the Act of March 24, 1920 on the acquisition of real estate by foreigners (an external document, you must prepare it yourself according to the pattern from the Internet and upload to the system)
– list of delivery addresses for persons representing the company, liquidators or proxies (an external document, you should prepare it yourself according to the template from the Internet and upload to the system)
– list of addresses for service of members of the body or persons authorized to appoint the management board (an external document, you should prepare it yourself according to the template from the Internet and upload to the system)

After all the partners have completed and signed the documents, an application for registration of the entity in the National Court Register (National Court Register) should be prepared and signed. Then, you should pay for entries to the National Court Register and MSiG and send the application. The paid application will go to the selected registry court competent for the company’s seat, which should consider such an application within one day from the date of receipt, up to a maximum of two weeks in the current situation related to the coronavirus.

S24 documents can be signed using:
– Qualified electronic signature
– Signature with a Trusted Profile

The partnership agreement is signed by the partners. However, they can do it via the so-called appearing, i.e. people representing them. In this case, a power of attorney will be required. On the other hand, the declaration of capital contribution, the list of shareholders or the application for entry in the National Court Register are signed by the company’s management board. Partners of the company may enter the management board. Then they also sign other documents, though not as partners but as members of the management board.

Official costs:
– Entry in the National Court Register – court fee for the application in the amount of 250 PLN
– Fee for the publication of the first entry in the MSiG in the amount of 100 PLN

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How to set up a company via the S24 system?

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