How to set up a construction company in Poland?

Running a construction company does not require specialized education or other additional conditions. Almost anyone can set up such a company. Nevertheless, specialist knowledge and practical experience can facilitate running a business and guarantee its maintenance. This also applies to the employment of employees, the entrepreneur should know how his employees perform the work assigned to them.

Running a construction company involves a lot of risk, which is why we recommend clients to operate in the form of a limited company. In this way you limit your financial risk to share capital. This article does not discuss board responsibilities. In order to establish a construction company in the form of a limited liability company, an application shall be submitted for entry into the National Court Register.

If registration is done electronically in the S24to system, it is necessary to prepare:
– Company agreements
– Lists of partners
– Declaration of capital injection
Then you complete the application to the National Court Register. All documents must be signed, then you pay the application with PLN 350 and send to the National Court Register.

An important issue is the fact that activities in construction require permission to perform independent technical functions. This allows engineers to sign documents. Building qualifications is a document confirming professional qualifications in a particular construction specialty. They are awarded by the regional qualification committees of the professional self-government of construction engineers (PIIB) and architects (IARP) after passing the qualification process and passing the exam. Authorizations are necessary to perform independent technical functions in construction as a designer, construction or work manager, as well as an investor supervision inspector. The condition of obtaining building qualifications is passing the exam verifying the knowledge of the building process and the practical application of technical knowledge.

At present, building licenses are granted in these specialties:
• architectural
• construction and building,
• bridge,
• road,
• railway as regards railway construction facilities,
• railway in the scope of railway traffic control,
• hydro,
• demolition;
Installation in the scope of networks, installations and devices:
• telecommunications
• heat, ventilation, gas, water and sewage systems
• electrical and power engineering

If you are a subcontractor or you do not have to sign the documentation, the above permissions are not necessary. You can also hire a licensed engineer.
An important issue are the qualifications for the profession of specialist employees, the so-called professional qualifications: operators of construction machinery, road machines, electricians, welders, etc. Numerous training centers offer courses for welders, operators and other specialists. Course prices sniff from 1000 to 2000 PLN. The courses last from 1 to several weeks. The training prepares you to pass the exam and obtain permissions. On the example of the welder, permits are issued for a period of 2 years

Available forms of conducting construction activities

The entrepreneur can choose any form of business, with the exception of a partnership that can only be created by freelancers. Establishers of a construction company often decide to run a sole proprietorship, but also civil or limited liability companies are popular.

Determining PKD for a construction company

The range of services that a construction company can provide is very wide. The basic PKD numbers dealing with construction works are those from department 43. In addition, entrepreneurs can also pay attention to PDK numbers from department 41, which also apply to activities in the field of construction.

Progress Holding will assist in the registration of a construction company and will advise you on how to obtain professional qualifications.


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