How to set up a transport company in Poland?

Polish carriers have been leaders in the transport of goods within the European Union for many years (we are ahead of Germans or Spaniards in the lists). Every fourth load on European roads is transported by a Polish transport company. If we would like to add to this also the transports carried out by Polish employees employed in foreign companies, the percentage of transports performed by Poles would be even higher. The European Commission forecasts a 3.3% increase in Poland’s economic growth in 2020 and 2021. Therefore, the demand for delivery services will increase significantly, which are already quite successful and enjoy unflagging interest.

What should you do to correctly register a transport company in Poland? Here are the steps to take:

• It is necessary to set up a company, preferably online via the S24 system, and to determine its form. One of the most popular is a limited liability company – limited liability company
• After the company has been registered, an EU license for international commercial transport must be issued, ie a Community license of international earnings for the carriage of goods and permission to conclude a transport contract (LR1). In addition to the license itself, you must have a statement for each transport unit
• License application is submitted to the Chief Road Transport Inspector – Chief Road Transport Inspector (GITD)
• The company should have a transport manager who will sign the declaration – in accordance with art. 4 clause 1 of Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009 (OC)

Fees related to establishing a transport company in Poland:
• the license fee for a period of up to 5 years is PLN 4,000 + PLN 440 for each license list
• license payment for a period from over 5 years to 10 years is PLN 8,000 + PLN 880 for each license list
• The function of a foreign carrier – an additional fee of PLN 1000

The deadline for obtaining the license is up to 2 months. In addition, each transport company should have insurance or protection (optional).

Housing conditions for a transport company in Poland

The provisions of the Act of 6 September 2001 on road transport are connected with the obligation to have a real and permanent estate as well as an operating base.

The operating base is:
• a place equipped with appropriate technical equipment
• technical devices enabling transport operations to be organized and continuous

The operating base should include (to be chosen):
• parking place,
• a place for loading, unloading / combining loads
• space for vehicle maintenance / repair

Buildings constructed especially for a transport company must meet a number of requirements of the construction and sanitary law as well as occupational health and safety.
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