Investment in Gold as a company

When running a business or partnership, we usually focus on our primary earnings related to it. Economic activity is also financial assets, and one of them can be physical gold. Gold can be a security for a company’s ownership, and it can also be traded there.

Investment gold and tax regulations

Investment gold is gold in the form of bars or wafers with a fineness of at least 995 thousandths and gold represented by securities. This gold also includes coins that meet the four conditions, that is:

  1. Have a sample of at least 900 thousandths,
  2. They were minted after 1800,
  3. They are or were the legal tender in the country of origin,
  4. They shall be sold at a price which shall not exceed by more than 80% of the market value of the gold contained in the coin.

It is important for tax settlements of transactions related to investment gold, both in terms of income tax and VAT.

Forms of taxation of investment gold

Due to VAT settlements, in the case of purchase and sale of investment gold in as part of the conducted business activity or company, the entrepreneur will be obliged keeping appropriate records. The records should contain some information necessary to settle VAT:

  1. Buyer’s data,
  2. Data of the subject and tax base,
  3. The amount of VAT charged on the purchase and due on sale.

In the field of income tax, settlements related to the purchase and sale of investment gold,

will depend on the form of activity and taxation chosen by the entrepreneur. In the case of sole proprietorship, according to the tax scale with tax rates of 18% or 32% depending on the amount of income obtained, or in the form of a flat tax, i.e. at the rate of 19%, regardless of the amount of income obtained. In the case of companies, however, it will only be taxed with a flat tax at the rate of 19%. It should also be remembered that in the most popular form of a company, which is a limited liability company, the so-called a tax on dividends, the rate of which is also 19%.

Investment in Gold as a company

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