Investor activity in May 2016

Since 3 07 2016 on the Stock Exchange will apply the new regulations AMR (market abuse regulation). For issuers will be additional responsibilities. These regulations are new to NewConnect companies, see how they perform.
Equity trading on the Main Market as part of the order book reached in May, the value of 2016 12,5 billion PLN, ie 27,4% less than the year before. At the same time the number of transactions in

May 2016 1,4 million amounted to an increase of 13,0% year on year. The average daily value of trading in shares in the framework of the order book on the Main Market in May amounted to 2016 years 624,6 million PLN, while on the NewConnect market – 4,4 million PLN. This confirms the limited investor interest in shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
The value listed on the Catalyst market bond issue at the end of the year 2016 May 74,1 billion PLN, which means an increase of 10,5% year on year. The total value of trading on the Catalyst market grew by 37,7% compared to May of the year 2015, 223,1 to the level of PLN. In turn, the bond market maintains its activity.


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