Minimum wage increase from 1st July 2023

Minimum wage increase from 1st July 2023

The minimum wage will increase for the second time this year. From 1 July 2023, a full-time employee will not be able to earn less than PLN 3600 gross. This will give a net amount of PLN 2511.76. This means that all employers from 1 July will have to draw up annexes to their contracts if their employees have been earning the previous minimum rate until now.

With this amount, the contributions will be as follows:

  • Social Security contributions for PLN 3600 gross are PLN 493.56
  • Pension contribution PLN 351.36
  • Disability contribution PLN 54.00
  • Sickness contribution 88.20 zł
  • Health contribution of PLN 279.58


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