Minimum wage increase in 2022

There is new important information for entrepreneurs and employees. In 2022, the amount of the minimum wage in Poland will increase. Next year, the minimum wage will reach PLN 3,010. It is a gross amount, from which you should also subtract ZUS contributions and PIT tax.


Minimum net amount in 2022

Compared to the lowest net payout in 2021 – PLN 2,061.67 – in 2022 it will increase by PLN 147.89, which gives the lowest net amount of PLN 2,209.56. On a gross scale, this is an increase of PLN 210. It is also worth mentioning that the hourly rate for civil law contracts will be PLN 19.70. Sum to be paid out (net). Over the year, employees can expect an increase of PLN 1,774.68.


Minimum wage and new regulations

The government is currently working on changing tax regulations as part of the so-called Polish Deal (Polski Ład). If this program comes into force, workers who earn the minimum wage may receive an additional pay rise. From January, both the tax-free amount and the current tax thresholds are to increase. If the provisions of the Polish Governance in its planned form enter into force in 2022, employees who achieve the minimum wage of PLN 3,010 gross will gain PLN 154 net under the new regulations, which will result in an annual increase of PLN 1,848.

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