New 06 2017 stock market report

On 23 June was the anniversary of the referendum, in which the British decided they wanted to leave the EU. A year ago, analysts predicted a sharp fall in the British economy and declines in other EU markets. Today we can observe only EUR / GBP pair fall of 17 EUR cents y / y and slight fluctuations in EU stock prices. Contrary to analysts’ opinion, the effects of BREXIT are not as good as expected. Donald Tramp’s speech in Poland did not have an impact on the economic situation. The time trial will verify the signatures of the contracts.
This month were 2 debuts on the NewConnect market. One of the debut companies in June has a large capitalization – 82,2 million. On 30 June KNF Luxemburv approved Play Communications SA, the offer will include 121.572.621 shares after 44 zł, the first day of quotations will be 27 July, it will be the largest offer on the market since 6 years since JSW. Compared to the previous month, in June WIG20, WIG30 and NCIndex indexes showed a slight increase.


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