New activity report on the WSE for 06 2016

In the last period, important information was the speech of the President of PIS that ,, you should consider what to do with the money accumulated in pension funds because they depreciate ,, remind you that the money pension funds are invested in shares of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. This means that the ruling party is looking for money and will want to otherwise use the money deposited in pension funds. Time will tell which ideas will top politicians – populists or rational economists in government.
Statistic data
Equity trading on the Main Market reached in June on 2016. 16,8 billion PLN level, ie 18,5% less than the year before. At the same time the number of transactions in June 2016 year. Was

1,5 million, an increase of 15,5% year on year. The average daily value of trading in shares in the framework of the order book on the Main Market in June was on 2016. 694,3 million PLN, while on the NewConnect market – 3,7 million PLN. The value listed on the Catalyst market bond issue at the end of June on 2016. 75,5 billion PLN, which means an increase of 12,7% year on year. The total value of trading on the Catalyst market grew by 230,4% compared with June year 2015., To the level 782,9 million PLN. In June, the NC index recorded a decrease of 2.92%, as NCIndex30 and WIG20. After a decline in May, its direction changed WIG-Ukraine with growth 3.03%.

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