New activity report on the WSE for 09 2016

Last month, changes were introduced to the NewConnect indices and it is planned to make changes to the Main Market indices.
We see that more and more companies asks for support from EU funds, and there are more and more programs. Company looking for investors
The economy is doing well, judging by the demand for workers. Therefore, various changes may have negative effects do not affect the real economy.

Statistic data
Unfortunately, we observe a decrease in turnover on the WSE Main List and NewConnect. The new government introduce changes in the form of changes indexów. Investors interested in whether they can make money, that is, companies should be able to generate higher returns.
The total value of trading on the Main Market was in September 2016 years 17.6 billion PLN, ie 15% less than the year before. The value of trading in shares in the framework of the order book fell year on year 2.8% to 16.5 billion PLN. On the NewConnect market recorded decline in the value of trading year to year. The value of trading in September amounted to 2016 147 million PLN, ie 24.7% less than the year before. The value listed on the Catalyst market treasury bond issue at the end of the year 2016 September 78.7 billion PLN, which means an increase of 11.4% year on year. The total value of trading on the Catalyst market declined year on year 11.8% to 204.9 million PLN.


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