New activity report on the WSE in 04 2017

April was marked by elections in France. Investors understand that the test is meant the prospect of European unity. Emanuella Macron victory strengthens the idea of ​​strengthening and reform of the European Union. Markets took good selection of French. Well you can see it on the wave 1 monthly increase in EUR / USD with 3,7% of the 1,0612 1,1000. The results of the election contributed to the growth of stock quotes and improving investor sentiment.

In April WIG20 significantly increased 9,23% compared to the previous month. WIG_Ukraine also recorded an increase 2,86% compared with the previous month. In early May, you can expect a small correction.
In April, took place on NewConnect debut 1 M-TRANS – transport services. Total company raised 1 million zł, it is just you 3-2017 debut in the year.
In the main market of the WSE debut 2 company. They passed a successful debut shares DINO POLAND SA on the first day the shares rose 3,7%. DINO POLAND SA sold shares for more than 1,6 billion zł. In the period from April 19 28 to 2017 year. Company’s shares rose by 7,22%, and the turnover reached 385 million zł.

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