New activity report on the WSE in 11 2016

Although the year has not yet ended, however, one can make a preliminary summary. In the 2016 on NewConnect to the end of November 14 zadubiutowało issuers (issuers to end 18 11 2015) who

They acquired and sold own shares for 37,6 million zł, which gives an average of 2,7 million zł for the issuer. The highest increases today zanowały 4Mobility SA (e-solution softwarte), the share price has increased 970% as of May debut. The company specializes in leasing cars. Large increases in the share price since the IPO to date, was also recorded Voictel communication to 572% – implementation of voice commands and Polish Meat 272% – distribution of meat products. With debuts 14, 9 shares of companies reported an increase. In the 2016’s debut were better quality than in previous years.
On the main market was 18 7 debuts in this move from NewConnect. The total amount of shares sold 1 076 million zł. The best companies in terms of growth in stock prices were Auto Рartner (sale of spare parts of cars directly from manufacturers), which has so far reached 79% increase in the price of the price of the debut, Airway Medix increase of 25% (production of medical preparations disposable) and Celon Рharma growth 21% of the (production of medicines). In the 7 total of only companies among the debutants recorded to date increase in the share price of companies 16. In the 2016 r. On the main market and NewConnect debut is less and less funds obtained from investors than 2015 year.

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