Occupation codes for employees in Poland

On May 16, 2021, new employment rules entered into in Poland. Employers will have to provide the occupation code when completing and submitting documents for employees to ZUS.

What are the Occupation Codes for?

This innovation was adopted for additional control. The Polish Social Insurance Institution argues that indicating the code of profession of each insured employee will be necessary to analyze the reasons for the absence of a given person from work, taking into account the professional group to which this type of activity belongs. Simply put, ZUS will be more cautious about ilness benefits.

In particular, the professional code will facilitate the verification of what the employee is doing and whether this work may cause frequent illnesses or injuries. Mainly innovations are aimed at not paying the sick leave if a person treats it unfairly or cheats.

What this means for employees

All future employees, including foreigners, who will be employed in Poland after May 16, 2021, will have to know the code of their profession. This is necessary in order to be able to trace later whether the occupation code in the approval documents corresponds to the code that the employer submits to ZUS.

Where to find the occupation code

The codes of the professions can be viewed at https://psz.praca.gov.pl/ or by the name of the profession on the website of the Central Statistical Office. We recommend the first option – using it, it will be easier and faster to find the required code.

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Occupation codes for employees in Poland


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