Online sales on the target of the tax office

From 2023, online platforms will have to file special reports. There are concerns that the new regulations will hit ordinary Poles trading through online shops.

Online sales on the target of the tax office

New obligations will fall on digital services trading in Poland, but also across the European Union. A law is currently being drafted. Its content is expected to be known in September, but the topic is already arousing considerable interest and concern. We will report on the details as soon as more information becomes available next month.

What information is the tax office to receive? According to the assumptions, the sales of goods are to be reported, as well as the rental of real estate or parking spaces, services provided in person and the rental of a means of transport. Sellers of goods for whom the operator has facilitated fewer than 30 transactions and whose total remuneration has not exceeded €2,000 in a calendar year are likely to be excluded from reporting.


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