PIT submission for 2021

PIT submission for 2021

On May 2, the deadline for settling the PIT tax office for 2021 is the deadline. The Tax Office reminds that a quick settlement will be associated with a faster return of any overpayment. Most taxpayers will get money to the account entered in the system within 7 days.

If it is necessary to pay the tax, the tax office will notify the taxpayer about the necessity to pay the tax within one month from the expiry of the payment deadline. From the moment of receiving this information, the taxpayer has 7 days to pay. After this time, but not earlier than the day after the tax payment deadline, interest will be charged.

If the taxpayer does not log into the his/her e-PIT service by May 2, the prepared PIT-37 and PIT-38 tax return will be automatically accepted and considered as submitted. Therefore, there will be no situation where PIT will remain unsettled. However, it is worth doing yourself and reviewing the documents for errors. These will be borne by the taxpayer and will have to be corrected. The office itself will not assign us any tax breaks that, in theory, we can take advantage of. Thirdly, there will be no possibility to choose a public benefit organization to which we want to donate 1% of the tax. If we do not make this choice, the one from the previous settlement will be assigned (if there was one).

If it turns out that the tax return prepared and approved by the tax administration requires a correction, it will be possible to do it after May 2 in the Your e-PIT service, electronically via e-Deklaracje or in paper form.

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