Progress Holding has been the exclusive distributor of the "INTEKO" Group products in Poland

We are pleased to announce that Progress Holding has been appointed by INTEKO Group to investigate the Polish market for the distribution of oil extracts produced from aromatic and medicinal herbs (Medical and Aromatic Plants – MAP) in Poslce. The “INTEKO” group is the only producer of oil extracts using the extraction method using freons (low temperature technology) in Ukraine.

Low temperature technology makes it possible to obtain significant concentrations of squalene, azulene, valerian acid, etc. Their content in extraction is higher than in oils obtained by other extraction methods. In some cases, the result of such extraction is a ready-made pharmaceutical formulation
The “INTEKO” group operates in Ukraine and produces advanced medicinal and aromatic medicinal plants – MAP. INTEKO products are developed in cooperation with scientific units at the Institute of Cryosurgery and Cryosynthetics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. «INTEKO» has implemented technology to produce 100% of oil extracts from MAP plants with application. «INTEKO» sells oil extracts for pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic manufacturers in Ukraine.

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