PUE ZUS 2023 registration

As of 1 January 2023, every ZUS premium payer is required to have a PUE ZUS account. It will make it possible to handle matters with ZUS electronically via the Internet . Currently, the obligation to have a profile on PUE ZUS applies to payers who settle contributions for more than five persons. Following the changes, this obligation will apply to all entrepreneurs, regardless of the number of persons for whom they pay contributions, even those who pay contributions only for themselves.

An account can be set up personally or someone can be authorised to access the role of the payer on PUE ZUS. If the payer of contributions has not set up a profile on PUE ZUS on his/her own, but has authorised an accountant or an employee of an accounting office to access his/her role as a payer, it means that the payer already has a profile.

To set up a profile on PUE ZUS, one needs to go to www.zus.pl. Registration can be done using the methods made available from the login.gov.pl portal (trusted profile, e-proof, electronic banking), using a qualified electronic signature, using the electronic banking of a bank which provides such a service together with ZUS (list of banks at www.zus.pl) or using the registration form available on the website.


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