Reservation of the PESEL number

Reservation of the PESEL number

Reservation of the PESEL number

From 1 June 2024, banks will check that your PESEL number is not reserved in the PESEL number restriction register.

Which products and services are affected by the mandatory PESEL number verification?

Your PESEL number will be checked before:
– a bank account is opened
– a loan is executed
– electronic banking is made available
– a cash withdrawal of three times the minimum wage
These things cannot be done if your PESEL number has been blocked. The reservation can be withdrawn at any time. No changes are foreseen for the other products.

What does the withholding of a PESEL number entail?
Withholding your PESEL number protects you from its use without your knowledge.

How can you block your PESEL number and withdraw the blocking?
You can do it in the mObywatel 2.0 application or on the mObywatel website and at the municipal office.

Where can you find more information?
On the mObywatel website and on the bank’s website.

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