Restrictions on entry to Poland from March 15, 2020 for 10 days in connection with coronavirus.

From Sunday 15 March, for the next 10 days there were restrictions on entry to Poland for foreigners. All Polish citizens who are currently abroad – have no restrictions on returning to Poland.

The Polish government has suspended international passenger air and rail connections, but cargo transport works.

But the goods will leave and enter Poland without interference. The restrictions do not apply to foreign truck drivers. Foreigners with work permissions are allowed to enter Poland

After crossing the border, each of the entrances will be registered and also examined. He will also be directed to a mandatory 14-day home quarantine. What quarantine means – we write below

Due to coronavirus, restrictions on entry to Poland do not apply to persons:

  • from border areas that live in Poland but work every day in a neighboring country,
  • drivers of road transport – e.g. trucks and minibuses. They will not have to be in quarantine.

Koronawirus - Coronavirus - Коронаврус - Progress HoldingWho can enter Poland from 15 03 2020?

  • Polish citizens
  • Foreigners who are spouses or children of Polish citizens or remain under the constant care of Polish citizens
  • People who have a Pole’s Card
  • Diplomats
  • People with the right of permanent or temporary residence in Poland or a work permit – that is, all foreigners officially working in Poland can enter Poland freely

  • Foreigners who operate a means of transport for the carriage of goods. Truckers can enter Poland without restrictions

Mandatory quarantine, in connection with the coronary virus, does not apply to persons:

  • from border areas that live in Poland but work every day in a neighboring country and which cross the border regularly;
  • foreigners who live in a neighboring country but work in Poland and cross the border regularly; Citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia and other countries who have a work permit can enter Poland without quarantine
  • professional freight and passenger transport drivers carrying out their duties.

What is 14-day quarantine?

  • never leave the house
  • walking the dog, going to the store or to the doctor are prohibited. Let your neighbor or a loved one help you while shopping or walking the dog
  • if you have close contact with other people at home – they must also be quarantined
  • in case you have symptoms of illness, be sure to report it to the epidemiological station by phone

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