Share price X-Trade Brokers was established on 11,50 zł

The communication stated that sSpółki offer X-Trade Brokers DM will be offered, including 16 433 709 shares, including: 1 644 000 shares to individual investors and the 14 789 709 for institutional investors. The final price of the shares offered in two tranches is the same and is 11,5 zł, the company said.

Next in the Communication Company “The final price of the shares offered to retail investors and the final price of the shares offered to institutional investors have been established in the same amount of 11,5 zł per 1 share offered” maximum price in the offer shares of X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski was fixed in advance on 13 zł per share. The public offering was to cover not more than 16,433 million shares of X-Trade Brokers DM, representing no more than 14% of the capital and sold by XXZW Investment Group.
At about 6 05 2016 it is planned for the first day of listing on the WSE.

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