Subsidies for companies in Poland – part 1

General information on EU subsidy programs in Poland.

One of the great advantages of running a business in Poland is the support for small and medium-sized enterprises from the country and the EU. Having an interesting idea and a specific business plan to create an effective enterprise in Poland, you can count on subsidies from the state.

Subsidies from the European Union in the 2011-2027 budget for business development in Poland will amount to EUR 124 billion. They can only be used by Polish companies, regardless of who the founder of these companies is. This means that the subsidies can be used by companies belonging to the CIS countries that have companies registered in Poland. EU funds are directed to national and regional structures in Poland, which further promote these subsidies for companies. One of such structures is PARP (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development). The agency manages funds that arise from the state and EU budget, and are intended, inter alia, to support small and medium-sized enterprises.


How to get co-financing from a business grant in Poland?

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. The company selects the program and submits the application, the competent committee reviews the application and decides whether to grant or refuse a subsidy.

There are several priority areas in which entrepreneurs can receive subsidies and subsidies from PARP for the development of their activities. They include:

– recapitalization of the company

– infrastructure projects

– foreign activity

– competence development

– new products and investments

– cooperation and partners

Co-financing in the form of grants may be awarded to projects related to the implementation of innovations developed in the service phase, as well as related to the creation of a new form of an object acceptable for the implementation of innovative products or processes, projects related to increasing production capacity, with a significant change in the production process of an existing enterprise.

From a commercial point of view, small and medium-sized companies – if they have an idea to introduce a new product and want to limit potential losses – a subsidy is a very convenient form of starting a business, it opens up huge market opportunities for them.

One of the more interesting directions is “New products and investments”. In this area, PARP has the so-called The “Vouchers for innovations for SMEs”.


Subsidies based on the example of Innovation Vouchers for SME PARP.

Innovative financing takes the form of a subsidy from the PARP Polska agency and gives the right to pay for the necessary work or services, if the conditions specified in the grant application are met.

The competition consists of two stages – 1. Service and 2. Investment.


Stage 1 Innovation voucher for SMEs – Service.

Purpose of financing: financing the purchase of research and development services from scientific units for your company.

What the subsidy can be allocated to: purchase of a service consisting in the development of a new product, service or technology or its improvement.

Who may receive funding: small and medium-sized enterprises operating in Poland.

How much can be obtained under the grant: the maximum amount of co-financing is PLN 340,000.00 (EUR 77,000, project cost and eligible costs from PLN 60,000.00 to PLN 400,000.00), so you can receive up to 85% of the project cost, but the contribution own must at least 15%.


Stage 2 Innovation voucher for SMEs – Investment.

Purpose of the grant: to finance the implementation of your idea for a technological innovation, developed for you by the research department in the first stage of the competition.

What the subsidy can be allocated to: purchase of machinery and equipment necessary to implement technological innovations developed by the scientific department, as well as the purchase of patents, licenses, know-how and other intellectual property rights.

Who may receive a grant: Small and medium-sized enterprises running a business in Poland, which successfully passed the first stage of the innovation voucher and received an application for final payment approved by PARP.

How much can be obtained from the co-financing: maximum funding up to PLN 560,000.00 (EUR 126,000, the total cost should be close to PLN 800,000.00 and EUR 180,000), so you can get up to 70% of the project costs, but your own contribution must be at least 30% of the total cost.

IMPORTANT! The amount of the subsidy for the second stage will depend on the type of company and project location, in line with the regional aid map.


What should be done to receive a grant?

The main stages of obtaining a business subsidy from PARP will be as follows:

– learn about the purpose and scope of the competition as well as the rules of project selection and evaluation

– apply for a grant (fill in a very detailed application and attach the required documents)

– sign the contract and complete the necessary documents

– carry out the received money within the specified time limit

IMPORTANT: Received donations are non-refundable. The project is implemented strictly according to your wishes within a predetermined time frame

The PARP website https: // informs about all stages of participation in the competition for funding.

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Subsidies for companies in Poland – part 1


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