Subsidies for companies in Poland – part 2

How do I apply for a grant?

We prepare all the necessary documents, fill out the application (you can find it on the agency’s website). Requirements and instructions for completing this application for project financing are also available on the PARP website. The application should be filled in with particular care – the lack of necessary information in the application may prevent a positive assessment of the project selection criteria. The application contains detailed information about the project – a brief description of the subject matter, scope of the project, planned results, and what the product innovation will be based on. And also what is the purpose of the project, the expected results that the applicant plans to achieve with the project. The application should also indicate up to three project areas, this will be further used when selecting experts in its evaluation. At this point, it is also necessary to indicate the period in which the commencement and implementation of the entire material and financial volume of the project is planned.


Conditions for the implementation of the project financed by the subsidy

The project duration specified in the application must correspond to the period specified in the subsidy contract. The maximum period of project implementation under the subscription is 18 months.


IMPORTANT! The work on the project must start as soon as possible after signing the donation agreement (financial aid is to stimulate action). In the event that the applicant proceeds to implement the project in breach of the above rule, all costs under the project become unacceptable, and after the grant is awarded, it is reimbursed with interest.

The commencement of the project implementation will be considered in particular as the conclusion of an unconditional contract between the applicant and the contractor, which is a legally binding obligation to provide services to the applicant.

The contract between the applicant and the contractor must include the compliance of the contractor selected to perform the service, as well as the schedule and mode of works acceptance.

The contract between the applicant and the contractor must be concluded no later than on the day the service is started.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to choose a reliable partner, because it will not be possible to change the contractor and all contractors indicated in the application during the project duration.

IMPORTANT: As part of the competition, the applicant may submit only one grant application for the implementation of the results of the service implemented in the project in the service phase. Otherwise, PARP encourages the Applicant to withdraw the remaining applications. The Applicant may not re-apply for co-financing for the project that is already subject to evaluation in the competition. In such a case, PARP appeals to the Applicant to withdraw one of the applications. The Applicant may not apply for co-financing of the project that is the subject of appeal or administrative proceedings.


How long does it take to process an application for project financing?

Project evaluation is carried out by the Commission and lasts up to 60 and 90 days from the date of finalizing the selection of funding applications in this competition round.

Project qualification evaluation is a one-step process and is carried out in the form of an independent project evaluation by at least two experts. PARP may request the applicant to correct or supplement the application for co-financing in the scope subject to the assessment of qualifications for project selection, if it is possible.


How is your grant application assessed?

A project may be selected for funding if:

– he met the project selection criteria and obtained the required number of points;

– the amount allocated for financing projects in the competition allows it to be selected for financing;

– the applicant is not excluded from receiving a grant.

After completing the evaluation of all projects in a given round of the competition, PARP will ask the Minister of Finance for information whether the applicant whose project meets the project selection criteria is not an entity excluded under Art. 207 of the Act of 27 August 2009 “On public finances” After receiving this information, PARP approves the list of assessed projects containing the awarded awards for the evaluation of projects qualified for co-financing. The approval of this list by PARP means the end of the competition round.

Immediately after the competition round is resolved, PARP informs each applicant in writing about the results of the evaluation of his project, justifies the evaluation and indicates the number of points the project received. Within 7 days from the date of the competition round, PARP publishes on its website and portal a list of projects that meet the project selection criteria and obtained the required number of points, with the distinction of projects qualified for co-financing.


Our company’s specialists have repeatedly participated in the process of financing and receiving subsidies for SME companies. We know from experience that this is a quite multifaceted process, but if we treat this topic seriously, the probability of receiving funding from the funds will be very high. If you have any questions or need help in obtaining additional financing, you can always write to us at and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

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Subsidies for companies in Poland – part 2


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