Tax Limits 2022

Quarterly VAT settlements

A new limit will appear from 2022. It will apply to companies using a flat rate on company income (Estonian CIT) that would like to settle VAT on a quarterly basis. It will be allowed only for taxpayers whose sales value (including the amount of VAT) did not exceed the equivalent of 4 million EUR in the previous tax year. This would mean that Estonian CIT taxpayers, whose sales value in 2021 will not exceed 18,376,000 PLN (rounded up to 1,000 PLN), will also be able to settle VAT quarterly.

PIT and CIT for small taxpayers

The limit for small taxpayers in PIT and CIT is higher than in VAT. From the beginning of 2020, it amounts to 2 million EUR. This means that the limit of revenues obtained in 2021, determining the status of a small taxpayer in 2022, will be 9,188,000 PLN. This year it amounts to 9,031,000 PLN. The threshold will be increased.

9% CIT

The status of a small taxpayer determines the possibility of applying the 9% CIT rate. In addition, you need to have sufficiently low current income. Their limit from January 1, 2021 is 2 million EUR (previously it was 1.2 million EUR). In 2022, CIT at the 9% rate will therefore be able to pay taxpayers whose:

  • revenues for 2021 will not exceed 9,188,000 PLN gross, i.e. including VAT due (2 million EUR at the exchange rate from October 1 this year),
  • current revenues in 2022 will not exceed 2 million EUR net, i.e. without the VAT due (but at the exchange rate from January 3, 2022).

Tax Limits 2022