The abolition of visas for Ukrainians

Yesterday, the European Parliament took a decision to abolish visas for Ukrainian citizens 90.
Announced for a long time the possibility of abolishing visas for Ukrainian citizens can finally be realized.
To complete the required approval of the European Commission and Member EU.Jeśli not occur any unforeseen circumstances
we can expect that Ukrainian citizens of 2017 years will be able to travel to most countries without a visa. For some time, the Ukrainians have already doubted the reality of this decision. From the point of view of business it is important to facilitate for our partners. Poles have forgotten how humiliating queues are on the borders and

unnecessary waste of time to obtain wiz.Decyzja this will not result in a significant increase in traffic or arrivals, contrary to some opinions, but facilitate contacts and reduce the waste of time. We hope to increase the activity of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises. Soon to share our assessment

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