The forecast for inflation in Poland 2017 year.

The main reference rate is still 1,5% per annum, which confirmed last meeting of the Monetary Policy Council (MPC). In its Communication it states that in the coming months is expected to be slight inflation.
“In addition to higher than a year earlier of energy prices, price increases will favor the expected acceleration of economic growth, following the conditions of the gradual increase in investment growth and stable growth of consumption” – reads. Limited GDP growth affected while the decline in investment, caused largely transient decrease in the use of EU funds at the end of the previous financial perspective of the EU “- we read further,

During the press conference after the December MPC meeting Chairman of the Board and President of the Polish National Bank (NBP) Adam Glapiński reiterated its position that we should not expect changes in interest rates in the year 2017.
According to most analysts, the first interest rate changes – increases – may be the earliest in the first quarter. 2018 year.


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