The increase in demand for workers from Ukraine

According to the report Work Service about 40% of Polish companies plan to employ workers from Ukraine. For the first time since 1989 on. Poland feels so clearly understaffed. Already today we can specify all sectors of the economy, which would have great difficulty with the continuity of orders, without the participation of foreign workers. With our latest research shows that up to 39% of companies plan to recruit Ukrainians, due to the shortcomings of the candidates on the domestic labor market.
Broken down by sectors, the manufacturing sector is looking for the most employees Ukrainian – 56% of companies, while in trade and services recruitment of such workers is considering respectively and 38,9 33,8%% of companies. Workers from Ukraine are looking for the most large companies (pow. 250 people), mainly people to work at lower levels. In recent months we have seen a new trend associated with the desire to employ workers from Ukraine for jobs requiring qualifications.


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