The increase in importance and popularity of remote work

At present, remote work is experiencing a peak of popularity. During a pandemic, when limited contact with other people is required, it is the most frequently chosen method of working and dealing with the current situation in the world. Its big advantage is also the fact that there is no need to meet any requirements for clothing and behavior, and you can adjust your working hours yourself, because time is not what counts, but the effect.

The most common professions using remote work are:

1. The accountant
2. Teacher
3. Copywriter (Rewriter)
4. Sales manager
5. Website administrator
6. Call center operator
7. Website developer
8. Designer
9. Marketer
10. SEO specialist

How to sell the service remotely?

When you first meet the customer, you always have to make a good impression on him. In the event that the meeting is held remotely, it is also important to dispel the fears that arise due to the fact that you cannot see each other. To remove the fear of a “virtual contractor,” try to inspire his trust. Publish employee photos on your website – let the client see those with whom he works. The website, as a whole, should inspire trust – well-prepared graphic elements, description of services and professional experience, and customer reviews. Plus, additional issues like social media activities or live chat.

Fast communication with the client is very important during negotiations and during all further work. When you work remotely, the client can’t see you, and any delay in answering can raise concerns. Therefore, the sooner the customer receives the answer, the calmer and more stable the cooperation will be.

It is also a good idea to provide the client with contact with several people from the team. It can be a sales or project manager. When programming using the scrum model, the problem is solved in the most optimal way – the client has a common communication channel with all team members involved in the order development process. It happens that the main contact person on the part of the developer plans to give up communication for more than a few days – vacation, business trip, etc. In this case, the client must be notified, and then he can contact the person who will solve the problems during this period, as a replacement. The general rule is this – the customer should always have a person who can be contacted quickly.

What can you say in conclusion? Distance selling services are not as simple as live, but it is a feasible task. As always, the key is the quality of services provided to the client. Your task is to provide a level of service that eliminates the disadvantages associated with remote work.

The increase in importance and popularity of remote work

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