Until 30/06/2019, the financial report for 2018 should be submitted

We remind all managers of the companies that until 30/06/2019, the financial statements for the previous year should be prepared and submitted to the National Court Register within 2 weeks. The matter of preparing this report is nothing new, but this year it should be sent in electronic form. This can be particularly complicated for foreigners in company boards, because the foreigner must have an electronic signature ePUAP or qualified signature. Obtaining ePUAP is not difficult, but requires a PESEL number, which foreigners may not have.

How to get PESEL and ePUAP?

The PESEL number (Polish identification number for natural persons) can be obtained in the following ways:

a) upon registration for a period longer than 30 days, the PESEL number is automatically assigned to the foreigner.

b) if it is not possible to obtain a residence permit in Poland to obtain a PESEL number, an application for obtaining should be submitted to the Commune Office. The process takes two weeks.

Registration in the ePUAP system (Electronic Public Services Platform) allows you to solve many problems related to the necessary formalities via the internet, for example: opening a new company, issues related to the Commune Office, Registry Office, Social Security etc. Registration involves filling in the form on the website pz.gov.pl/pz/register.

If you have questions or want to get details, please contact us by email or phone.

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