Wall Street was 20 in Karpacz

Between June 2 to 5 2016 year. Karpacz 20 conference held private investors. It is the largest meeting of individual investors in Poland.
The conference proceeded in the shadow of the changes introduced by the government, not having the best impact on the capital market. In many presentations of speakers scroll anxiety associated with the implementation of changes ,, ,, good. Number

lecturers emphasized the emergence of new risks, so far not completely taken into account. Unfortunately, these risks are gathering over the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and its future will look like.
This year’s guest of honor was the owner and president of CCC SA Dariusz Miłek. Reiterates the principle that a person successful in sport (Mr Milek was repeated Polish junior champion in cycling) are also effective in business. Probably, many investors do not know that the name comes from the slogan of CCC President Milka ,, price ,, miracles fell this phrase when someone from the sellers said that it is able to sell the goods. President Miłek eloquently and humorously told their success stories. ,, I was among the most talented salesperson riders in those days I could sell his goods, his business started from the jaws ,, – said the president.
Currently, CCC SA sells 50 million pairs of shoes a year, in its own factory in Polkowice produces 3 million pairs of shoes annually. CCC SA chasing Deichmann – the leader in Europe – the president of the second.
The conference also hosted the President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Ms. Małgorzata Zaleską Mrs. President assured that he is working on increasing Poles’ savings. It is not clear how it would look but also the second lady President in these endeavors.

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