Work in Poland for foreigners from outside the European Union

The majority of migrants settling in Poland are citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, China and Vietnam (data from January 2020). Acceptance of foreigners to take up work in Poland is steadily increasing, and thus the demand for employees from abroad.
Employing foreigners in Poland is by far the largest among cities with over 500,000. residents (21%). Students, executives and specialists with higher education dominate here. Most Polish citizens, according to surveys, note the positive impact of the work of non-EU foreigners on the Polish economy. Currently 74% of Poles believe that this situation is favorable for our country.

What kind of work do foreigners in Poland do most often? Foreigners most often choose professions that are not associated with high qualifications, but it begins to change. The most frequently chosen professions include production workers, seamstresses, room service, cashiers and cashiers in supermarkets or mechanics. The transport industry is also a common choice, as is gastronomy. There are also people interested in work related to construction, here as much as 22% of all foreigners are looking for work. Based on the latest statistics, the most job offers are: cook, bricklayer, plasterer, nurse, midwife, concrete worker, paver, welder, baker, doctor, truck driver and mechanic. Unfortunately, it is common for foreigners to work below their qualifications. The main reason here is ignorance of the Polish language.

Pursuant to the increase in wages for 2020, the minimum wage based on an employment contract is 2,600 PLN gross, i.e. 1920 net, and the minimum hourly rate for those working on specific civil law contracts is 17 PLN gross. This is how much every foreigner should earn, according to the rates generally applicable in Poland.
According to the data, the best paid are foreigners who work in the car-related industry – an average of PLN 2,500 net, i.e. 3,421.90 PLN gross. Statistics show that foreigners in only 15% of all employees from the aforementioned countries earn in Poland over 3,500 PLN gross monthly.

How to get a work permit:

Simplified procedure: Statement on entrusting work to a foreigner
1. This procedure can be used for citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine
2. Authorizes the foreigner to work within 6 months within the next 12 months. After the 12-month period, you can re-submit the statement for the next 12 months.
3. Waiting time for decisions – usually 7 days, in individual cases up to 30 days
4. Cost – 30 PLN.

Standard procedure: Type A or Type B permit for a foreigner to work in Poland
1. This type of permit is issued to nationals of countries that do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area
2. Type A permit – for a foreigner working in Poland, based on a contract with an entity whose registered office, place of residence or branch, plant or other form of organized activity is located in Poland.
Type B permit – for board members.
3. Type A permit is issued for a period of max. 3 years. Type B permit is issued for a period of 3 or 5 years.
4. Waiting time for a decision – 2-3 months
5. Cost – 100 PLN.

Work in Poland for foreigners from outside the European Union


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