Work in Poland without a visa

Work in Poland without a visa

Several CIS countries have visa-free travel with the Schengen states. They include:

  • Ukraine
  • Moldova
  • Georgia

Visa-free travel allows citizens of these countries to move freely around European countries, but most importantly, it also allows them to find a job.

Poland has long proven that it is one of the most promising countries in looking for a job. This is favored by the stable development of the Polish economy, the developing labor market and rising wages.

In this article, we will try to present how you can find a job in Poland without a work visa, having only a biometric passport.


What do you need to have

To work visa-free in Poland, a foreigner must have:

  1. Interstate Agreement on the lifting of the visa regime.
  2. Biometric passport, unused days of stay on other trips (90 days out of 180).
  3. Document entitling to employment in Poland.
  4. Additional list of documents (may differ slightly for citizens of different countries).


What jobs can you apply for without a visa

You can work visa-free in Poland for any position. There are three main areas of vacancies in Poland:

  • Seasonal work towards agriculture. It does not require highly qualified employees, and knowledge of the language is not so important. The workers are mainly employed for harvesting, the visa-free period is enough for 90 days in six months.
  • Construction work. Basically, it is work on construction sites, in enterprises, trade. Workers’ qualifications and skills may vary.
  • Work on a voivodship visa. The permit is issued for a very long time and allows you to work in Poland for up to 3 years, as a result, visa-free travel (90 days in six months) is rarely used. It is mainly used only in the case of subsequent legalization. As a rule, a certain level of qualification is required for these professions.


What salary you can count on

The remuneration of visa-free workers will depend on the position held, the amount of work performed, the level of qualifications and skills of the employee. Let us recall that the minimum wage in Poland is PLN 2,800 per month and PLN 18.30 per hour, the average salary in 2020 in Poland was approximately PLN 5,400. All stated together with tax and social security. Therefore, the payout on the hand is less.

The IT industry is the highest paid with an average salary of PLN 8,300.

Then there are the administration, hospitality, catering and logistics sectors. In them, the level of remuneration may vary from PLN 3,500 to PLN 4,500.

In practice, agriculture is considered to be the least paid area. But in this case, do not forget about the statutory minimum – PLN 2,800 per month and PLN 18.30 per hour.


Work without a visa without additional permits

No additional documents are required to work in Poland for the following categories of citizens:

  • Pole’s Cardholders. In this case, only an employment contract is required.
  • Citizens who have the status of “far away” and “long-term EU resident”
  • People residing in Poland in the status of “family reunification”
  • Students and graduates of full-time studies
  • Refugees under state protection


Instructions for people who want to come to Poland without a visa

We suggest that you read the step-by-step instructions on how to best enter and find a job in Poland without a visa:

  1. Entering Poland and subsequent job search or remote search with later entry. You can search for a job through printed or electronic media, as well as through recruitment agencies. At this stage, it is important to find a bona fide employer and negotiate all terms and conditions of employment.
  2. Obtaining a work permit. The second stage precedes the first, in which the employee agrees with the employer on the form of the permit, because: the process of initiating the enforcement of documents is performed by the employer and the employee receives a ready document.
  3. Collecting documents for work in visa-free travel and border crossing. The main documents are a biometric passport, original work permit and TCD insurance.
  4. Departure and entry. In order not to find yourself in an uncomfortable position at the border crossing point, it is necessary to check in advance the possibility of free departure from the country of residence (for example, no debts, no violations, etc.).
  5. Signing an employment contract with the employer, registration with ZUS. This is the final hiring process.


How to stay in Poland after 90 days without a visa

If a foreigner has entered Poland and has worked for three months on sanitary conditions and wants to continue working in the same place, then, in accordance with applicable regulations, he has the right to issue a voivodship permit or a residence card. It must be remembered that the processing of these documents takes a long time, but the law in Poland from 2018 allows you to stay and work while waiting for a decision. Of course, if the employee remains in the same place, in the same position and under the same conditions.

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Work in Poland without a visa

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